There is a warm, welcoming feeling as you enter any of our Brandywine communities. They are all beautiful, but the residents and friendly, caring staff are what really make it so inviting. We believe the words of our satisfied residents and family members paint the most honest picture of what Brandywine is truly about.

Happy Senior Living Residents

Thank you for everything you do for my parents. I haven’t met everyone but my parents rave about how the wonderful care they are receiving. They said there is nothing to complain about and everyone goes the extra mile to help make sure their wishes are met. They truly have settled in nicely and definitely feel at home. Thank you Team Haverford Estates for giving so much of yourself to providing the outstanding care and attention to my parents. Our family knows they are in good hands.

Mary W.

Our mother has blossomed since her arrival at Brandywine in Howell. She has lived there for almost two years and my brother and I are so grateful  for the compassionate, caring and nurturing staff members.The attention and genuine concern from the caregivers and nurses have given our mother a tremendous sense of belonging and security.  At her times of ill health, the staff cared for her in a proficient manner.  We are so relieved to know that she is safe and not alone. Living within the community setting at Brandywine has brought forth the best in our mother.  Even her sense of humor has re-emerged!  We feel that years have been added to her life since moving to Brandywine.  For that we are very grateful. We can not thank everyone at Brandywine enough for giving our mother a positive, fulfilling, and “loving” living experience. She calls Brandywine “home.”

Meresene S.

Everyone seemed to take a personal interest in my dad and his care while he lived at Brandywine. That is an extreme quality not found in many assisted living facilities elsewhere! You not only made Dad feel at home, but you also made his family members feel like a part of your family too. We cannot thank you enough!

Denise I.

Everyone is fabulous. We searched many places, but you can tell the care is exceptionally better at Brandywine. We already feel like family. The whole family would move in if we could!

Anthony D.

What a peace of mind knowing that my mother is comfortably taken care of at Brandywine. Mom has been a resident since September 2008 and loves every day there!  The entire staff, EVERYONE, is knowledgeable, professional, caring and during certain celebrations, make us laugh. Its a great place to have your loved one call home.

Spencer J.

Nursing went above and beyond – amazing. My mom feels like part of the family. It is the ‘best of the best” – fabulous! I would recommend to friends in the area.

Genevieve S.

I think the most important thing I would like to share with you is that every single thing that I was told would be available to my Aunt has been delivered!  From the nursing staff and doctor’s visits, dining services, housekeeping and most importantly, the activities.  My Aunt is involved in activities from morning to night – right up her alley! She goes on trips and attends church every Sunday.  Her room is always clean. I could not be more pleased with my decision.  When I leave my Aunt, I am always confident that she is safe and someone is looking out for her.

Debra H.

My father participates in exercise, parlor programs, men’s luncheons, Bingo, and religious services on a regular basis.  These activities have greatly enriched his daily life at Brandywine and allowed many staff members to get to know him. My father was always an exceptionally social and friendly person, and it has been very heartening to see that his joy in interacting with others has not been extinguished.

Elyse M.

A TOP NOTCH facility!!! My dad is a current resident at Brandywine and I haven’t seen him as happy or as healthy, and as active as he is since moving in to Brandywine in a long time. This alone says it all! You’ll find a truly caring, nurturing, fun, safe environment, with a very dedicated professional staff. Brandywine goes the distance and then some for all their residents and their families. My dad and my family are very grateful for finding Brandywine!

Kathy C.

I now refer to Brandywine as my home, because I feel comfortable and a part of all the happenings.  Someone is always taking the time to attend to a health need, a dietary concern, an activity reminder, a grooming assistance, or just a happy greeting of  ‘How are you feeling today Helen?’  Thanks for all your assistance, concern, attention, and friendship.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated each day!!!

Helen G.

Brandywine’s staff and services so exceeded our expectations that it’s nearly impossible to put my gratitude into words.  My mom receives logistical support, daily care and unbelievable compassion from the first day forward.  The staff does each task with a smile and a kind heart can – and does – give Brandywine palpable warmth from the minute one walks in the front door.  My Mom told me that deciding to move into Brandywine was one of the best decisions she ever made.  She felt comfortable, safe and loved.  Who could ask for more than that?

Judy R.

I just can’t say enough wonderful things about each and every one of you and how happy Mom is. We all notice the patience and warmth, from every department.  I have a sense of peace every day knowing that she is well taken care of.  I never worry about her, and that is a huge burden lifted off a son or daughter who has a parent with dementia.  You should all be very proud of yourselves. It is a wonderful community and I couldn’t have chosen a better place.

Julie A.

“It is a special place with a special staff that works there and I go to sleep each night at peace knowing that my mom is doing so well and that she is well cared for by her Brandywine family. My mom is more active than she has been in years and eats healthy balanced meals with lovely people at her table, exercises daily, plays bingo, makes jewelry, goes on outings, gets her hair done in the building every week and even sings karaoke.”

Jo D.

I was impressed with the Brandywine staffs’ personal enthusiasm and professional attitude provided to our father, and to our family.  As you know, a wonderful environment that allows our loved ones to honestly feel like they are at ‘home’ is difficult to find, and such communities don’t just happen on their own.  It takes excellent management and dedicated, inspired, and skilled personnel to create and cultivate such an atmosphere.

Robert T.

Your unflagging energy and enthusiasm, along with your patience, and kindness, is a gift to all of the residents at Brandywine. I was confident that we made the right choice.  The staff is wonderful to work with – they could not have been more accommodating.  They really went out of their way to make sure that my father gets everything he needs.

Ellen K.

The staff went the extra mile for me and my family members, making themselves available to us and giving us time and attention without limitations, to listen to our concerns and to help us understand what was going on with my mother.  No question went unanswered, and no request went unmet.  I cannot find the words to express how grateful we are for all those kindnesses, and for the comforting certainty that my mother’s well being was everyone’s top priority. Your impressive work ethic sets a standard of excellence for everyone else.  I want you to know that you make a difference.

Kathleen M.

My father enjoys the musical entertainment, Friday happy hours, holiday parties, outdoor family picnics, antique car shows and the list goes on.  But most of all, he loves sitting in the main living room watching the wonderful residents, visitors and staff stroll by. He is blessed to be a part of one the finest assisted living communities on this planet.

Bob M.

Your staff has provided love, compassion and friendship to a degree we could hardly have imagined. There is a culture pervading the entire staff that comes across to residents, loved ones and visitors.  Its hallmarks are professionalism, compassion, love, and commitment to excellence.  I congratulate you for the culture you have created.

Joe G.

It is impossible, however, to imagine what it would have been without Brandywine’s staff of wonderful, compassionate and professional people.  I can’t thank each of them: I can’t thank all of them, enough.

Deborah R.

For me, being an only child, it has always been my greatest concern to try to make sure my parents had the very best.  For letting me find that at Brandywine, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  It is a wonderful gift to have your parents for fifty years and to have others be able to enjoy them with you. My parents have so many loving and wonderful new friends at Brandywine. We as a family were so fortunate and blessed to have Brandywine come along at this time in our lives.

Jami W.

I’d like to take a minute to thank you and the staff for making my days at Brandywine comfortable and carefree. The staff helps me with showers, medication, cooking and cleaning, and will always take the the time to teach and entertain. I know it isn’t always easy to help me, and the staff does it all with a smile and good humor. I’m so glad my family helped me to find a good place to be where I have made friends with the staff and residents.

Joan S.

Living at Brandywine has been a wonderful experience. I did not want to live alone, so I am here with a big family… I have made friends with all of the residents, and I have been chosen as Brandywine’s ‘Ambassador of Goodwill’.

Barbara E.

Having been a resident at Brandywine for the past few years, I could not be more pleased with my decision to move in. Brandywine is set nicely in the community and also has a strong presence in the area as well. On a daily basis I receive exceptional care from the care managers. Even today, my care manager came in before it was time for me to begin my day and she turned on the heat, picked out my clothes and turned the lights on. The care managers go above and beyond. The dining room serves restaurant quality food at every meal and it is done with a smile. The Escapades staff is devoted to keeping me and the other residents engaged in activities. Brandywine has allowed me to maintain my independence, my quality-of-life and I know I made the right choice in choosing Brandywine!

June L.

I can honestly say this from the bottom of my heart. I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful it is here. Everything is just exactly the way I want it to be. Everyone is so pleasant and the staff is so warm and caring.

Fran K.

I love it! My girls had taken me here and there to look at all kinds of assisted livings. My daughters and I agreed that this was the place because the people here were welcoming the minute we walked in. When I moved here I was so excited! I have a beautiful view of the fish, the fireplace and the waterfall lit up with the beautiful blue lights. It’s like a resort. The staff has made me feel safe here. They come right away whenever I need something. The activities program keeps me very busy. I’m starting to go on trips and I plan on signing up for more of those. I have made a lot of friends here and after a few short months, this is home.

Lee A.

My father was previously in another facility for 6 months and it was like night and day compared to Brandywine. The love and care that is shown by your staff is so comforting to the family and it shows how much pride they take in their jobs.

Sandy U.

Your community is incredibly beautiful (I’d like to live there myself!), but the most comforting thing to us is how wonderful every single staff member treats our Dad. He appears to be happier every day and he is now happier than we have seen him in years. With his early stages of Alzheimer’s, we have gone through some trying moments with him, which has been really difficult for all of us. The stimulation he receives at Brandywine, the wonderful activities, the compassion of the staff, the enjoyable meals (really tough to please our Dad!) are just a few things that make Brandywine so special. We actually enjoy visiting him at Brandywine because he is always so happy and we feel like it is ‘home’ to us also – each visit confirms more and more that we made the right decision. Dad comments often on how wonderful everyone treats him and how special he feels. We all feel Brandywine is the best thing that has happened to our family as far as our Dad is concerned. It is nice for us not to have to worry about him and to know that he is happy and safe. Please extend our heartfelt thanks to all of the staff (so many members too numerous to mention) for all they have done for us – it is difficult to convey how much we appreciate every aspect of Brandywine.

Patti S.

Recently we had another family gathering at Brandywine. Although we were so pleased the first time, it was still a surprise that the atmosphere was so family oriented. And by family we do include the staff. Now we come to expect the graciousness of the staff, but we do realize that while common at Brandywine, it is not the norm in the Assisted Living world. Our family would like to thank you personally for relieving us of any anxiety about where Mom and Pop should live. You deserve a lot of credit for setting high standards, training and insisting on top quality personnel.

Marvin & Betty G.

My mother used to take naps in the afternoon, now she is involved in activities instead! From the food, to the staff, to the activities, Mother is just thrilled with everyone and everything there. She calls Brandywine her home, which of course makes us so happy.

Barbara K.

Many thanks for keeping my mom safe and comfortable during her ‘vacation’ at your beautiful community. While she was made to feel like a queen for a month, I was able to leave the state knowing mom was being taken care of by the phenomenal staff at Brandywine! Mom can’t stop talking about what a great time she had at Brandywine.

Beth G.

“On Sundays, I pick up my mom to come and spend time with me and the family.  There are many days when she will say, “Do we have to? There is a lot going on here today. Would you like to stay here and join me instead?” The times I stay with her and spend the afternoons together are some of the best afternoons I’ve ever had! We have an absolute blast with each other and the residents and staff. The camaraderie and the love everyone has for one another is surely felt.”

Cathy T.

I want to thank everyone who is involved in my mother’s care. I feel truly privileged to have her in such a warm caring environment. The dedication and kindness from the staff is beyond the call of duty. I am grateful to know that when I go home Mom is in a nice, safe place.

Carol S.

“Brandywine has given my Dad a new lease on life. This was a man who kept saying ” I have nothing to do.” Now we are lucky if we can get him on the phone. He is always doing something with somebody. Dad is happy, healthy and looking forward to every day at Brandywine.”