The Center


The Center for Leadership and Service Excellence, known simply as “The Center,” represents Brandywine’s commitment to three simple concepts: Being Better; Being Ready; and Being Connected to each other, our residents, their families, and to our communities. The Center is where our team is trained, leadership skills developed and enhanced, and where our passion for service excellence is cultivated.

We created the Center for Leadership and Service Excellence because of our commitment to developing and implementing unique and innovative practices whose goal is to promote a culture of service excellence to Brandywine’s team members, residents and families. We recognize that every employee impacts our resident and family experience, and we know that delivering the level of service is only achievable when every team member is supported and motivated. Our values are simple yet unwavering:

INTEGRITY – Our team members share in the pride of being part of a team built on mutual ethics, trust and positive attitude – our Go The Distance standard of service.

RESPECT – Our team honors our resident’s independence, their choices, privacy and their right to live life to the fullest.

CARING – Utilize your empathy, compassion and ability to provide service excellence that exceeds our residents’ and families’ expectations.

COMMITMENT – Be an ambassador of Brandywine’s mission and values in everything you do. Promote a culture of excellence through dedication and commitment.

TEAMWORK – Work in an environment that’s supported by constant education, camaraderie, support, understanding, and respect.

EXCELLENCE – Strive to achieve high performance standards through education, values and a willingness toward self-improvement.