Joining Their Journey
If a resident is caring for her
"four-year-old" son, we'll help her.
If she is once again at her wedding,
we're her maid of honor.
If he is looking to go to work,
we will help him feel productive.
If she needs a hand to hold,
we'll be there.
If he feels lost, we will
help him on his journey.
Brandywine Senior Living offers a state of the art program for the memory impaired. Our specialized program, Reflections®, is based on the philosophy of providing a Relationship Based Approach to Care. Our philosophy is not only geared to residents but also to our family members. Providing quality care is only successful when you involve the families in all aspects of care from care conferences, daily communication, support groups, family gatherings, and volunteerism.

The therapeutic environment in our Reflections® program is designed to support each resident's dignity, self-worth and independence. Through research and experts in the field, we have successfully built a therapeutic environment for the memory impaired which excels in its architecture, programs and operations. Alzheimer's disease takes over the brain, but not the spirit that lies within. Our Reflections neighborhoods provide a multi-sensory experience that lifts the spirit of our residents. The common areas are designed to promote warmth and familiarity through innovative design features such as wall art, memory boxes, landscaped courtyards, life work stations, familiar and usable accessories, while ensuring a safe and secure environment for our residents to relax, dine and socialize.

Our goal is to enhance the quality of life for our residents through therapeutic programming, including activities of daily living, recreational activities, dining services, nutrition and life work activities. Through team interventions, we creatively work together to assist every resident with maintaining their level of independence by focusing on their strengths and capabilities.

The Reflections team members, managed by a Reflections Coordinator*, are hand selected compassionate, gentle, calm, and empathetic care givers. All team members engage in on going training on Alzheimer's and related topics. Our specialized Reflections Certification Programensures our team members are trained in the Reflections philosophy - "Relationship Based Approach to Care." Along with the 24 hour licensed nursing oversight and trained recreation staff, the Reflections program is well supervised for quality care, safety and supervision.
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