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How Art Helps People Cope with Life’s Challenges

Ten residents of Brandywine Senior Living in Princeton enjoyed an afternoon of ceramic painting at A Stroke of Creativity to express and bring out their inner artist. They spent time with owners, Patty and Bob Lang, who shed some light on the benefits and uses of art and painting and how art helps people cope with life’s challenges.

Residents were able to pick a sculpture from a large selection to paint at A Stroke of Creativity on Englishtown Road  in Monroe, NJ.

“This was our first experience of many to come at A Stroke Of Creativity,” said Stephanie Gaber, Activity Director at Brandywine Senior Living. “The owners of this creative shop were patient, caring and very hands-on.”

Patty Lang was a special education teacher in Watchung. One day in 2008 she suffered a stroke while driving home. On that very same day, her husband Bob Lang lost his job at Avis.

As Bob Lang was without work, he was able to take care of their three children while his wife recovered.

“During my recovery my occupational therapist got me involved in painting. I had never painted before,” said Patty Lang, who explained it helped speed her recovery. “Then I realized, ‘Hey, I’m pretty good at painting.’”

Bob Lang was unable to find work in his own profession and had his mind set on opening his own business. The Langs decided on a paint-your-own ceramic studio, assisted by friends in Virginiart helps people cope with life's challengesa who ran a similar studio. “I thought of this name Stroke of Creativity because I had a stroke and then I became creative,” Patty Lang said of the business that opened in December 2008. “It’s not just a place to be creative, but a place for people who have hit life’s speed bumps to come together and share experiences, struggles, success and resources, all while enjoying the opportunity to explore their creative side.”

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