How do you scale down your or your loved one’s possessions to enter a senior living community?

Scaling down personal possessions can be a challenging task, especially when moving to a senior living community where space may be limited. Here are some tips to help you scale down your possessions:

  1. Measure the space: Know the size of the apartment and get a copy of the floor plan and take pictures to help you plan ahead as you start scaling down.
  2. Start early: Give yourself plenty of time to sort through your belongings and make decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of.
  3. Take an inventory: Make a list of all your belongings and decide which items are essential and which ones you can do without.
  4. Prioritize: Focus on the items that you use frequently and those that have sentimental value. These are the items that should be prioritized and kept.
  5. Donate or sell: Consider donating or selling items that are in good condition but that you no longer need. There are many organizations that accept donations of clothing, furniture, and household items.
  6. Be realistic: Be realistic about what you will need in your new living space. If you haven't used an item in the past year, it's likely that you won't need it in the future.
  7. Ask for help: If you have family members or friends who can help you with the process, don't be afraid to ask for their assistance.
  8. Utilize storage: If you have items that you don't want to get rid of but don't have room for in your new space, consider using storage options such as a storage unit or a family member's garage.

Remember, scaling down your possessions can be an emotional process. Ask a friend or family member to help you. And be patient with yourself. Do a little at a time.