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In the News: WWII veteran from Melville celebrates 100-year-old milestone

Frank Wolff, New York Veteran, Celebrates 100th Birthday

Melville, NJ/ News 12 Long Island —WWII veteran from Melville celebrates 100th birthday

A World War II veteran celebrated his 100th birthday Sunday. Frank Wolff of Melville was 15 years old when he escaped Nazi Germany and emigrated to the United States in 1938.

At the start of World War II, Wolff was drafted into the Army.

Wolff fought in the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944 when he was 23 years old.

He told News 12 never forgot what his captain said before they stormed Normandy Beach.

“Don’t worry soldiers, you’ll barely get your feet wet. The next thing I knew the water was over my head and I was soaking wet,” Wolff says.

He was injured twice by shrapnel a few days following D-Day and again during the Battle for the Huretgen Forest.

He received two Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star for his time in World War II.

His work on the Lunar Excursion Module helped safely land the Apollo astronauts on the moon.

In retirement, Wolff has written three books and is the father of two sons, four grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.