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10 Tips for Caregiver Success

Daughter with Senior Mother

Practical Tips for Caregiver Success: Surviving the Caregiver Journey


Being a caregiver, whether full- time or part- time, doesn’t always come easy. With any job there are some days that are a breeze and other days that pose many challenges. Whether you are a spouse, child, or family member taking care of a loved one in need, or perhaps a professional in the industry, caregiving is a journey, and often a constant, long, winding one at that. Ongoing stress can wreak havoc on your body and mind. That’s especially true for long-term caregivers. How well you manage your stress can determine how well you care for your loved one.  Because your role as a caregiver is vital to that person’s wellbeing and quality of life—and equally important to you—it’s crucial that you take care of yourself to avoid burnout as much as possible.

Here are 10 Tips for Caregiver Success:

1. Manage stress before it manages you
     You are no good to your loved one when stress takes over

2. Ask for help
     Develop a list of job tasks that others can help with

3. Recognize your stress triggers
     Understanding the trigger can assist with how you respond

4. Take care of your physical, emotional and mental health
     Call a friend, have fun, and re-discover your hobbies

5. Attend a local support group
     Contact Brandywine at 1-877-4-BRANDY for support groups in your area

6. Keep a journal
     Expressing your feelings is a good outlet for stress

7. Practice letting go
     Take a deep breath and don’t dwell on things that are upsetting

8. Prioritize tasks
     What is urgent….what can wait

9. Be flexible
     Everything does not have to be perfect

10. Look into respite stays
     Give yourself a break from time to time. Consider short-term options for your loved one

Brandywine Senior Living offers support groups for those who are interested.
Please call 1-877-4-BRANDY to find out locations and times nearest you.