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Bea Renner Turns 100 and Going Strong!

Patch interviewed Bea Renner about hitting a major milestone in her life.

Bea of Brandywine Living at The Gables was joined by her children, grandchildren and close friends for her 100th birthday back on November 19th.  She’s been a resident at the community for one year and she says there’s nothing special she did to reach this milestone.

“I never tried to do too much, some people like to do too much all the time and wear themselves out”


Born and raised in LaCrosse, Wisconsin on the Mississippi River, the cold was second nature to Bea.  She reminisced of her old neighbors and the close friendships they had and how she shoveled the snow when she could.  She lived on her own in Minnesota until she was 96 years old, 20 years after her husband, George, died.  She moved closer to her daughter in New Jersey after taking care of her home became a strain.

In a biography shared during the birthday celebration, Nancy wrote that her mother was very adventurous: She once flew with a stunt pilot back in the 1930s, and Bea and George, who were married for 52 years, traveled extensively around the United States, visiting various national parks, Cape Cod, Disney World, and even the World’s Fair in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Longevity runs in Bea’s family, Nancy noted: Bea’s parents both lived into their 90s and her brothers all have as well: Kenneth is 98, and Don, the youngest, is 92, while Greg died four years ago.

In addition to her three children, all of whom were in attendance at the Brandywine festivities, Bea has seven grandchildren: Sean and Brian Callahan; Daniel and Emily Caulfield; and Ben, Nate, and Joe Renner, and five great-grandchildren. Peter and his wife, Sandy, traveled from Seattle for the festivities.

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