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Brandall grads earn A+ on how to best manage chronic conditions

LINWOOD, NJ — Thursday morning at Brandywine Living at Brandall Estates it was graduation for 13 residents who all received certificates marking their end of classes. Each of them had signed up for six-week course offered through Atlantic Prevention Resources on how to best manage chronic conditions and illness. The completion of the course marked a real commitment by these seniors in their golden years who want to pack their days with the power of being positive.

The program was developed at Stanford University and sponsored by the New Jersey Dept. of Human Services according to Sherry Sullivan, executive director at Brandywine. She said the class was offered to everyone who was interested in improving their own health and manage chronic conditions.

“Chronic does not mean something terrible, it really addresses issues that older folks are facing with arthritis, aches, pains, memory, their weight and exercise,” said Sullivan. “This was something that our residents could attend if they wanted to and come away with some ideas that would help their overall well being.” READ FULL ARTICLE at