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Brenda Bacon is the Humanitarian Award Honoree

Brenda Bacon, Portrait at Virtua GalaVirtua Foundation’s Humanitarian Award recognizes an individual or organization that has made significant contributions to improve the health and well-being of families in our community. Humanitarian Award Honorees are trailblazers who transform healthcare or other community resources through extraordinary leadership, innovation and philanthropic support. Their compassion and generosity inspire others to participate and establish a legacy that impacts families today and far into the future.

President and CEO of Brandywine Living, Brenda Bacon, is this year’s Humanitarian Award Honoree and will be recognized at the 2017 Virtual Gala.

“Brandywine is proud to support Virtua Foundation and the life changing services it helps to provide through philanthropy including the Patient Care Fund, Virtua Camden, Camp Oasis, and countless other programs.  This year’s beneficiary, oncology, is especially important.  Everyone has had someone in their family or among their friends who has or is fighting cancer.  I am so encouraged by the massive advances in the treatment options and the successes that we see today and want to support those efforts to not only provide curing treatments but also care for the patients, and inspire them to endure and overcome this challenge.”


Brandywine Living President and CEO, Brenda Bacon is one of the most visible leaders in senior living. She does it with a compassionate heart that has touched our community and an entrepreneurial spirit that never shies away from a challenge.

“Ms. Bacon does not know the meaning of cannot or no, especially when it comes to helping children,” according to Bernadette A. Shanahan, executive director of Boys and Girls Club of Camden. “Many people told her that it was impossible to raise over a million dollars for children in Camden and quickly saw just how wrong they were.”

Brandywine Living Executives Formally Dressed at the Virtua GalaBrenda Bacon founded Brandywine Living with the desire to make a difference. The company is now an industry leader with 27 senior living communities in five states, but the focus is still the same. “We nurture our culture of quality, caring, customer service, and values as much today as when we started the company 20 years ago,” says Ms. Bacon. “Watching the change in our new residents as they develop a smile on their face and a spring in their step from making friends with their new neighbors, playing card games, doing Karaoke and enjoying Happy Hour in our Pub, is one of my greatest joys.”

“Watching a young man go from a dishwasher in our kitchen to the director of Dining Services is another.”


Before starting Brandywine Living, Ms. Bacon was active in the New Jersey political scene, serving as chief of Management and Planning, a cabinetlevel position under New Jersey Governor James J. Florio from 1989 to 1993. In 1992-1993, Ms. Bacon was also on loan to the Presidential Transition Team as co-chair for the transition of the Department of Health and Human Services. Ms. Bacon is deeply committed to South Jersey and believes that education and healthcare are the keys to a better future for everyone. She is a steadfast supporter of Virtua Foundation and played a huge role in the success of last year’s gala as a presenting sponsor. “Brenda has been a tremendous partner with Virtua, helping us to provide extraordinary service to the South Jersey community,” says Virtua CEO Rich Miller. “We are so fortunate to benefit from her generosity and friendship over the years.”

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