February 9, 2023

In The News: Lifelong Eagles Fan

Brandywine In The News: Lifelong Eagles Fan

East Norriton, PA / Delaware County Times Daily — One place likely no one will be calling out sick on game day will be Brandywine Living at Senior Suites in East Norriton, Montgomery County, where Community Relations Director Kelly Richardson said the facility’s parlor and pub will be decked out for a surprisingly lively group of fans living there.

“We still have so much legacy and so many passionate people here,” she said. “They’re probably the longest-lived Eagles fans that we know.”

Richardson said games typically attract 40 to 50 attendees and Sunday is looking to be no different. Staff will have some dress-down days in anticipation and are encouraged to wear Eagles green, she said, and residents have been encouraged to invite family to join them on game day.

The flat-screen TVs will all be tuned into the game in the pub and parlor area of the facility, said Richardson, which will itself be festooned with Birds decorations and even some official swag donated by a staff member who is also an Eagles coordinator.

“We’re going to have a huge crowd,” said Richardson.

Expected to be among them are two lifelong Eagles fans and Brandywine residents, Kevin Young, 67, and Terry Savino, 91.

“I’ve been an Eagles fan all my life,” said Young. “I don’t know of anyone in this area who’s not an Eagles fan.”

“We have to always support the local team,” put in Savino.

Young said that is typically “very difficult,” given the Birds’ dearth of Super Bowl appearances over the past 40-odd years. That track record has been getting slightly better of late, with a 2018 win over New England and a sense that the Eagles momentum may carry them on to a second victory just five years later.

“I’m excited. Our families will be with us,” said Young. “That’d be great to have my family come in and see what it’s like.”

“If I have to be anywhere other than home, this is the place,” Savino said.

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