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In The News: Adapting Menus to Changing Resident Preferences

Sean Keating, Brandywine Living Director of Culinary Innovation, gives his perspective on culinary challenges in the senior living industry for Senior Living Executive May/June 2018


Magazine Cover of Senior Living Executive May/June 2018At Brandywine Living, Sean Keating wants to stay on the cutting edge of culinary trends—but he also wants to tread with caution.

As corporate director of culinary innovation, he recently launched a steakhouse, of sorts. It’s only open on Saturdays and only at one property. Residents can pick from three steaks, three sauces, two veggies, and two sides. “I’ll try it in one community, maybe 10 residents, and if it flops I can cut ties without getting too hurt,” said Keating.

The steakhouse taps into emerging trends in senior dining: Fresh food, made to order. Like many in senior dining, Keating is looking to follow trends without being trendy. It can be hard to strike that balance, to deliver seniors the comfort they want while offering paleo/vegan/gluten-free options.

In this article we’ll take a look at what’s legitimately trending and the large-scale evolutions within senior dining. We’ll consider the tools available to help culinary executives track the trends that really matter, take a deep dive into the how-to’s of small batch service, and explore the kitchen management techniques that are helping chefs meet changing tastes cost effectively.

Read full article online in the Senior Living Executive May/June 2018 Issue