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In the News: Seniors don boxing gloves, punch out COVID piñata to celebrate second vaccine dose

Female Resident Knocks Out Covid-19 Piñata

Princeton, NJ/  —“He’s going down!” bellowed 90-yr-old Irene Solderich, as her arms swung and her pink boxing gloves delivered repeated hits to a coronavirus piñata in her room at Brandywine Living at Princeton.

Solderich had just received her second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and when offered the chance to put on the gloves, she was not throwing away her shot.

“I’m so glad I got the vaccine. It’s the only thing that’s going to get us through with this. Maybe I can associate with other people. I miss going out.” she said, after collecting her candy.

Brandywine is a senior living community offering assisted living and memory care in Princeton.

The facility is now COVID-free and 99.9 % of residents have received both doses of the vaccine through CVS along with 85% of staff.

Escapades Producer Stephanie Gaber is the one behind this, and a variety of other creative events designed to keep the residents active and engaged.

“It’s a very happy day for us. It’s been a tough year, but now that we got our second vaccine hopefully by the summer will be able to resume some of our off-grounds programs.

“We used to go all over New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania whether it was wine tasting, museums, scenic rides, out to lunch, theaters…”

After getting her second shot, Café Manager Nelly Currie said, “I’m going to be frank with you. People waited in line to get this and they don’t have the chance to get it. I’m happy I was one of the first people to be approved to get it because I know people who want to get up (but) they don’t have the chance to get this.

“I think everybody should be happy to get it because it’s going to help us to survive and help us to go back to normal. So that’s why I was happy to punch it out,” she added with a chuckle. “I felt like I won and I had the victory over it.”