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Helen Turner, Brandall Estates, 107 years old

as seen in The Mainland Current – Read Full Article

LINWOOD – If the city were to name its most popular citizen, it would most certainly be Helen Turner, who celebrated her 107th birthday April 1 with her many friends at Brandywine Estates. Truth be told, everyone who meets Helen, calls her friend……There was a grand birthday cake for the celebration with just seven candles. Brandywine Estates Activities Director Lorraine Weber of Egg Harbor Township told Turner that once she got to 100, the counting started all over again. Of course, Turner laughed as the seven candles were lit.

The “Happy Birthday” chorus was about 50 voices strong, and the birthday girl at 107 could still blow out the candles.

Turner plays rummy cube every day and makes sure to watch “Jeopardy” to keep up on her trivia knowledge. She still knits every day and teaches by example how to make every single day count.

How lucky we will all be if Turner has a cake with eight candles on April 1, 2015.