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Meet Three Residents Older Than Their Right To Vote

Three spunky residents at Brandywine Living at Litchfield, all older than their right to vote, talk with Republican American about how they really feel about the presidential candidates.  These ladies had witty comments and care-free views about Hillary and Donald Trump.  They’ve been through many presidential elections and are paying close attention to this year’s November 8th elections.  Who they’re voting for is unclear but the thought of an female president is quite pleasing.

They were all born before women gained the right to vote in 1920.  And although they won’t be going to the polls on Election Day, they are still planning to vote in the presidential election.

Hazel Porter, Brandywine’s oldest resident at the age of 106, Loretta Tanner, 102, and Corizia Magnifico, 99, said they have been following the race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and will vote by absentee ballot.

Who they’ll vote for is unclear based on their less-than-complimentary thoughts about each candidate, though they said they are pleased to see a woman has finally made it onto the presidential ballot.

“They’re both not worth it,” the spunky Magnifico said.

“What I’m going to do is put their names into a barrel and spin it, and whatever name I pick, that’s the one.”


Porter moved into the Brandywine assisted living facility this month from Weymouth, Mass., to be closer to her daughter, Nancy Knowlton, the Litchfield Republican registrar of voters.

Porter said she has voted in every presidential election since 1931, when she became old enough to vote.  “I don’t care for either one and don’t see either one making a good president,” Porter said of Clinton and Trump. “One is a liar; the other is a braggart. I’m really puzzled about who I’m going vote for.”

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