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Blind Senior, Cynthia Groopman, with Brandywine Care ManagerBrandywine Living at The Savoy resident, Cynthia Groopman, is being honored for her 27 years of volunteer service.

A Certificate of Commendation and Recognition will be awarded to Cynthia Groopman, a resident of Brandywine Senior Living in Little Neck, for her 27 years of dedicated volunteer service for Catholic Charities in various capacities. This is the longest anyone has served as a volunteer for one agency.

Cynthia, now 69 years old and totally blind, started volunteering in 1991 after losing her eyesight suddenly due to an accident, and she devoted 21 1/2 years to the Dellamonica Senior Center, calling telephone reassurance clients; teaching ESL and citizenship classes; conducting exercise groups; and fun-time humor and current events discussion groups.

Groopman is well liked and has won many awards. She was honored as Queens Person of the Week in 2009 on NY1 and was awarded the Liberty Medal for community services by the New York Post.

In 2013, after moving to Little Neck, she volunteered at Woodhaven Senior Center, working with visually impaired seniors, encouraging them, helping them cope and conducting groups. Now she calls 17 telephone reassurance clients per day and reports to social workers. She is their link to the outside world. Here is a person who made lemons into lemonade to help others and dedicates herself to making a difference in the world for senior citizens.

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