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Princeton Residents Experience Glass Blowing – A First Time Artistic Endeavor

Their lives have been filled with many journeys and accomplishments, but this week a group of Brandywine Living at Princeton residents took on the artistic endeavor of glass blowing for the first time.

“When I mentioned glass blowing to some of our senior citizens they looked at me as to say – how do you do that,” said Stephanie Gaber, Escapades Producer at the Princeton facility. “I don’t think they quite understood what I meant.”

The group embarked on the close to one-hour excursion to Hot Sand Glassblowing Studio on Cookman Avenue. The dozen residents, ages 82 to 95, included a former Mayor of Princeton from the 1970’s, A Princeton University Graduate Scientist, and a NY Times Journalist.

“They were so fascinated and really got into this experience,” Gaber said.

Each of the participants picked their colors and design before getting an impromptu lesson in glass blowing. Below are some their reactions:

“This is an excellent outing,” said Ronnie Introne, 87, former registered nurse from Freehold. “I’ve never done anything like this before – it’s really exciting.”

“I haven’t done anything like this in 60 years, not since I was doing science research at the University of Minnesota,” said 96 year-old Donald McClure, a former science professor at Princeton University.

“I love being here,” said Helen Post, 88, a former Art teacher at Mercer County Community College. “I can’t wait to come back- this is my new passion.”

glass blowing, asbury park, hot sands asbury park, active aging, senior careI’m so excited,” said Kirt Wedemyer, 90, a former Princeton-based architect. “I hope I have enough breath to blow it up.”

“I never even came close to doing anything like this before,” said Terry Wedemyer, 89, a former secretary at JC Penny in New York. “It’s amazing.”

Read the rest of the residents reactions via the Asbury Park Sun here