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In the News: Seniors Lost in Space for the afternoon

Senior Living Residents of Princeton Enjoy Space Party With Mega Laser Robot

Princeton, NJ / NJ.Com — Last Wednesday, residents at Brandywine Living at Princeton went through the door into their great room as they normally do, but this time it was out of this world and they instantly were “Lost in Space.”

The room resembled a black light planetarium, with pinpoints of laser light traveling across the walls and ceiling, backdrops of the stars, and planets suspended from the ceiling.

It’s National Assisted Living Week, and Escapades Producer Stephanie Gaber has a different TV sitcom-based theme for residents each day. ”Lost in Space” was an American science fiction television series which originally aired in the 1960′s. The show featured a robot.

This event also featured a robot, but not the kind that proclaims the show’s catchphrase “Danger, Will Robinson!”

This mechanical man was an 8-ft tall Mega Robot (inhabited by Alex Fazyrn with Laser Show USA) which strutted around the room to club music, lights flashing, high-fiving and dancing with responsive residents.

The National Center For Assisted Living chose this years theme as “JOYFUL MOMENTS” but Gaber embellished the idea and came up with her TV Sitcoms & Series motiff.

The week kicked off with a “Happy Days” theme on Sunday, then “Miami Vice” on Monday, “Green Acres” on Tuesday, “Lost in Space” on Wednesday, “I Dream Of Jeannie” on Thursday, and “I Love Lucy” on Friday.

On Saturday, Sept. 17, which happens to also be National Batman Day, residents can take a ride in the authentic Batmobile in addition to meeting costumed characters from the 1960s American television series, based on the DC comic book character of the same name.

To prepare for “Lost in Space” day, Gaber and staff have been working since the middle of August. Residents contributed out-of-this-world artwork and also fashioned the planets that were hanging from the ceiling.

“We wrapped balloons in them and then had them dry and then they painted them,” Gaber said, speaking of the planets which were representations of those in our solar system.

When the dancing was done, residents sampled extra-terrestrial treats, astronaut food in the form of freeze-dried ice cream.

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