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Assisted Living at Brandywine

Find Your Stride at Brandywine

Requiring assisted living services is common for older adults. Assisted living at Brandywine, however, is remarkably uncommon.

At Brandywine, we offer luxurious assisted living services for seniors who want to maintain independence and a vibrant lifestyle as they age.

We make this possible through our skilled medical staff, high-end amenities, and thrilling Escapades… for Life! Our staff considers every last detail of senior care to ensure you or your loved one thrive from the moment you set foot in our community.

What is Assisted Living?

As we age, some activities become increasingly strenuous. We might have trouble carrying the groceries in from the car or traveling to the doctor’s office multiple times per week. Things that used to be easy just aren’t anymore. 

When that time comes for you or a loved one, it might be time to consider assisted living

Assisted living is for mature adults who may require a little help with their day-to-day activities. This includes anything that makes your life easier to enjoy, from personal care services to health care.

Specifically, these services include:

• Medication management

• Recreational activities

• Housekeeping and laundry services

• Caring for personal appearance 

• And much more

At Brandywine, our assisted living services encourage family and community involvement, maximize residents’ dignity and autonomy, and provide solutions for each resident’s long-term care needs.

Above all, we focus on increasing quality of life as much as possible. It’s a focus we’re 100% committed to – ensuring our residents receive round-the-clock attention and hands-on residential care as well as continuous access to vibrant social events.

Why Choose Brandywine for Senior Living

Residents rave about living in an environment of family-like warmth coupled with expert medical care and attention.

Brandywine living resident laughs with other resident

Escapades… For Life!

Our signature engagement programs enable us to deliver a world-class experience to each and every resident. Whether it’s attending a university professor lecture at a Lifetime Learning event, making a new dish at a Cooking with Class lesson, or simply enjoying a drink with your neighbors at happy hour in the Tap Room, our Signature Programs are sure to put a smile on your face.

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Assisted living at Brandywine Living - Elderly woman reading a book to a child while sitting ona couch

Personalized Care

Gaining access to professional-grade health care is a major reason people choose to stay with us. Residents have access to nurses on site 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, in addition to regular check-ins and medicine administration.

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Brandywine Living All Day Dining photo of chef

All-Day Dining

We’re committed to making your dining experience one of pure delight. Our chefs use fresh ingredients, skillfully prepared in recipes deliciously designed and served with style. Our menu philosophy respects the broad spectrum of discriminating tastes and choices provided in a relaxing restaurant venue.

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When to Consider Assisted Living

Navigating health care decisions later in life isn’t always clear-cut. Everyone ages at their own pace, leading to a wide range of needs across the spectrum. Sometimes a prospective resident needs more frequent access to professional nursing staff. Other times people want more social interaction and minimal help completing day-to-day tasks. 

While we can’t provide a blanket formula for when you should start transitioning to an assisted living facility, we can accommodate that transition every step of the way.

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) Become Difficult

Activities of Daily Living include bathing, hygiene, dressing, toileting, transferring, and eating. Typically when one can’t perform 2 of these 6 activities, it’s time to start considering long-term care options (whether that’s assisted living, independent living, or another form).

Home Care is no Longer an Option

For many, assisted living becomes viable once receiving home care no longer makes sense. Family members are great for support, but when medical conditions worsen, it’s best to have round-the-clock access to a full-time medical and hospitality staff. 

Assisted Living Costs Are Manageable

Assisted living expenses aren’t always a massive shock to your regular budget since you receive many of the services you’re already receiving. We provide housing, dining, and access to skilled nursing care – all are necessities for any long-term care plan.

Other Types Of Services

Many of our assisted living facilities also offer independent living, respite care, and memory care services. Contact one of our retirement communities to explore which may be the best fit for you.

What people are saying about us

We believe the words of our satisfied residents and family members paint the most honest picture of what Brandywine is truly about.

More Testimonials

Brandywine is a beautiful facility with excellent staff who really care about the residents.

My wife and I moved my mother there in September. The experience has been excellent from the time we decided that Brandywine at Voorhees was the best place for her. Too many names to mention but my interaction with the executive staff through nursing care has been extremely positive. In fact, we like Brandywine so much, we recently moved my in-laws there. They too are very pleased with the quality of care. My wife and I highly recommend Brandywine to anyone considering assisted living for their loved ones. - Michael G.

Assisted Living In Your Area

With 30 care communities spanning 7 states, we’ve got just the place for you. Get in touch with a local community today to learn more about how we can help make life easier.