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Memory Care at Brandywine

When your loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia, it can be very trying on your family. It’s hard enough dealing with the gradual behavior changes, but the stress becomes even worse when considering the long-term lifestyle implications.

Overall, the health care and hospitality industry has responded well to the rise in demand for memory-specific care over the years. Nowadays, the diagnosis isn’t as dire as it once was, and many patients living with Alzheimer’s can continue to have a happy and meaningful life. This is thanks in large part to advances in memory care.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a form of seniors housing specifically tailored toward residents living with Alzheimer’s disease or another form of dementia. Brandywine Living’s memory care services feature a safe and secure environment where residents are closely monitored by professionally trained staff. These hospitality and healthcare professionals keep close track of residents’ health and well-being.

Memory care is a form of assisted living care. Residents live onsite in an assisted living community where they have 24-hour access to a wide range of useful and immersive features. Our licensed nurses administer medicine as needed for each individual, monitor essential health-related developments and provide medical consultations whenever the resident needs something looked at.

On the hospitality side, residents are helped with many day-to-day tasks which they struggle to complete independently. This can include anything from eating to transferring, to bathing. It really just varies on individual needs.

When carried out properly, memory care services should:

  • Encourage family and community involvement
  • Maximize residents’ dignity, autonomy, and independence
  • Provide solutions to each resident’s long-term care needs

Above all, the focus needs to be on increasing the quality of life as much as possible. This is a focus we’re 100% committed to – ensuring our residents receive round-the-clock attention and hands-on medical care as well as continuous access to vibrant social events.

Why Choose Brandywine for Memory Care

Residents rave about living in an environment of family-like warmth coupled with expert medical care and attention.

Brandywine living resident laughs with other resident

Escapades… For Life!

Our signature wellness programs enable us to deliver a world-class experience to each and every resident. Whether it’s enrolling in our special serenade service, quickly receiving nursing care when you need it most, or simply attending karaoke night, our Signature Programs are sure to put a smile on your face.

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Brandywine Living All Day Dining photo of chef

All-Day Dining

We’re committed to making your dining experience one of pure delight. Our chefs use fresh ingredients, skillfully prepared in recipes deliciously designed and served with style. Our menu philosophy respects the broad spectrum of discriminating tastes and choices provided in a relaxing restaurant venue.

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Assisted living at Brandywine Living - Elderly woman reading a book to a child while sitting ona couch

Personalized Care

Gaining access to professional-grade health care is a major reason people choose to stay with us. Onsite residents have access to skilled nursing care 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, in addition to regular check-ins and medicine administration.

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When to Consider Memory Care

Navigating health care decisions later in life isn’t always clear-cut. This is especially true when dealing with a loved one who is living with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. These affect individuals differently, leading to a wide range of needs across the spectrum.

Sometimes a prospective resident needs more frequent access to professional nursing staff. Other times people desire more social interaction and minimal help in completing day-to-day tasks. While we can’t apply a blanket formula for when you should start preparing for a transition to a memory care community, we can offer some guidance on how to navigate a few key factors.

Memory-Related Diagnosis

Forgetfulness increases for everyone with age, but a diagnosis for Alzheimer’s or a Dementia-Related illness is more serious. You might not move your loved one into a facility right away, but it’s important to start thinking about memory care early in the process. 

At-Home Caregiving is Increasingly Difficult

Caregiving for a loved one with memory care is a 24/7 occupation. Still, no matter how much you care for a loved one, mid to later stages of memory loss require increasing levels of medical assistance. 

A Decline in Overall Health

Many memory care patients who still maintain their independence experience rapid weight loss, neglected personal hygiene, and inexplicable bruises or injuries – memory care facilities can help with all of those. 

Socializing is Needed

One of the best perks of a memory care community is it invites your loved one to live among many others. If they are cooped in the house all day, they’ll be refreshed when changing gears and seeing other people much more frequently. 

What people are saying about us

We believe the words of our satisfied residents and family members paint the most honest picture of what Brandywine is truly about.

More Testimonials

Our family is most grateful to all the wonderful people that work at Brandywine.

The attentiveness, skilled backgrounds of all members of staff to just the kindest actions and words expressed to our family member living at Brandywine is so appreciated each and every day. - Lynn E

Memory Care In Your Area

With 30 care communities spanning 7 states, we’ve got just the place for you. Get in touch with a local community today to learn more about how we can help make life easier.