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Shirley Temple Performance From One of NJ’s Rising Stars

Vasilisa performed her Shirley Temple performance for the residents at Brandywine Living.

The residents at Brandywine Living at Gables, 515 Jack Martin Blvd. Brick, NJ got a special treat last week on New Year’s Eve. They had a special visit and performance by an inspiring actress and rising  star, Vasilisa Stenko.

Vasilisa Seneko, 9, is a native of Princeton, and has been performing on stage since the age of 3.  From the very start it was apparent that Vasilisa was comfortable in front of an audience and enjoyed bringing joy and happiness to those that attended her performances.  Vasilisa has received training in Voice, Piano, and Tap, and has attended Westminster Choir Conservatory and Princeton Dance Theater. Currently Vasilisa has the lead role in “Bluebird of Bed-Stuy” at the  Broadway NYC St. Luke’s Theater.

During her performance on New Year’s Eve at Brandywine, Vasilisa did her Shirley Temple Show for the residents. The show was well enjoyed and touched the hearts and memories of the residents as Shirley Temple is from their era. Vasilisa brought so many smiles and happy tears to them that day.

In addition to her volunteering at senior communities, Vasilisa helps the homeless at Christmas time as well.

This is Vasilisa’s last project, handing out presents to homeless in New York during the Christmas Holidays.

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