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Tricky Tray Fundraiser Raised $4300 for Alzheimer’s Association

Tricky tray fundraisers have been known by many names. They have been dubbed penny auctions, Chinese basket auctions, gift auctions and brown-bag auctions. For all of these events, participants purchase raffle tickets and place the tickets in canisters near the items they hope to win. One person can put as many tickets as they want in a given container to increase the odds of winning.

Last year at National Assisted Living Week held from September 11-18, the theme was “Keep Connected”.  The staff members at Brandywine Living at Princeton wanted to “connect” with an organization with which they closely identified.  That organization was The Alzheimer’s Association.

Newspaper Media Group featured the story to continue spreading awareness across the state.

The residents raised money to support Alzheimer’s disease research.  A tricky tray fundraiser was held on September 17 to benefit the Greater New Jersey chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.  Brandywine Living at Princeton presented Robyn Kohn, manager of Programs, and Krista McKay, director of Programs of The Alzheimer’s Association, with a total of $4,300.

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