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Virtua to Bring On-Site Therapy Services to Moorestown Estates

Brandywine Living at Moorestown Estates is pleased to announce the start of on-site rehabilitative therapy services with Virtua Health to provide physical, occupational and speech therapy to residents. Services will be active on July 5th, 2016.

Brandywine wishes to continually make various health and wellness services accessible “in” the community for our residents (when and if) additional services are needed.

“Balance and strength training is another way we can disrupt how we age. We are excited to bring on-site therapy services by Virtua to Moorestown Estates as another support offering for individuals to take charge of their health, feel strong, be strong and continue to live a vibrant life,” said Maria Nadelstumph, Vice President of Organizational Development and Program Excellence at Brandywine. “And, it’s even better when it is offered right in their   home at Brandywine.”

Virtua Health has been a wonderful partner in providing group fitness classes, community education, physician and health services and creating a culture of wellness at Moorestown…a shared value with Brandywine. They believe in the power of expertise to live a vibrant life.

“Virtua is excited to bring our on-site therapy services to Brandywine Living at Moorestown Estates and support our mission of helping our community be well, get well and stay well,” said Maria Franchio, Assistant Vice President of Virtua Rehabilitation Services. “We will be there to provide support when the aches and pains of life get in the way and you need help working through it.”