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A Woman President: Four Female Residents Are Delighted to Finally See a Woman Make It Onto The Presidential Ballot.

The residents of Brandywine Living may not agree on the presidential candidates, or their motives – but they are prepared to vote, nonetheless.

Four female residents, three from Litchfield, CT and one from Pennington, NJ were all born before the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote, was passed in 1920. Despite some concerns, they all agree that they are delighted to finally see a possible woman President on November 8th.

While speaking to the Huffington Post during an interview, Edith Wilkinson, resident of Brandywine Living at Pennington, made it very clear to whom her vote will go. “It’s about time we had a woman running for president…she is a strong woman. We’ve seen it in these various debates, how she keeps her cool. She’s a fighter,” says the 96-year old voter. “I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because we finally would have a woman for president who would make this a better country than it was before.”

All four voters will be taking part in this year’s election via absentee ballots.

“Sometimes mom says she doesn’t know why she’s lived this long, well I’ve told her this is why she’s lived this long.”

Watch more of Edith’s inspiring story on the Huffington Post here.

Litchfield’s residents, Loretta Tanner, Hazel Porter, and Corizia Magnifico, have been closely following the debates since their onset, and have mixed opinions on both candidates. “I don’t care for Loretta Tanner, Hazel Porter, and Corizia Magnifico Seated on a Sofaeither one and don’t see either one making a good president. One is a liar; the other is a braggart. I’m really puzzled about who I’m going to vote for,” said Porter, 106. Magnifico, 99, chimed in, “They’re both not worth it. What I’m going to do is put their names into a barrel and spin it, and whatever name I pick, that’s the one.”

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