Infusing each day with rich experiences, Brandywine transforms everyday moments into indulgences. Through our bountiful offerings—exquisite cuisine, pampering salon visits, holistic wellness sessions, and exclusive opportunities for learning and enrichment—every day at Brandywine is yours to curate. Residents can choose the activities they enjoy most, eat where and when they choose, and even invite their grandchildren to spend the afternoon playing and relaxing in our lounges.

Dedicated team to help your reach your fitness goals

Unrivaled Service

Our in-house experts ensure that our service levels reflect the highest levels of hospitality. From our concierge, to our dining and personal and medical care teams, our dedicated staff ensures every interaction and occasion is delivered with sincerity and refinement.

Precious moments with grandchildren at the baby grand piano

Extensive Amenities

Our lounge—with a grand piano, salon, lively pub, aquarium, and dining room—is among many indoor and outdoor areas where residents can host family and friends, engage in favorite pastimes, mingle, and practice self-care.

Amenities at Princeton :

  • Two-Story Lobby
  • Formal & Private Dining Rooms
  • Bistro/Café
  • Beauty Salon
  • Secure Memory Care Wing, with Lounge Kitchen & Courtyard
  • Hydration Station with Purified & Infused Water
  • Grand Piano
  • Pub
  • Screening Room with Snack Bar & Popcorn Machine
  • Koi Pond
Team up with a friend for an afternoon yoga class

Vibrant Programming

Like a flourishing neighborhood, Brandywine boasts countless opportunities for residents to pursue interests and passions that motivate and matter to them. Our calendar is curated with diverse, multilayered offerings in the arts, wellness, fitness, continuing education, volunteering, and more.

Elegant dining for elegant guests

Fine Cuisine

For Brandywine residents, dining together is a comfortable, social celebration of delicious, chef-driven cuisine. Helmed by our Executive Chief, our renowned food and beverage program offers global, seasonal menus made with healthy, locally sourced ingredients.

Hand-illustrated map of major roads and landmarks surrounding Brandywine Princeton in Princeton, NJ

Ideal Addresses

Brandywine is an active participant in the vibrant cities and towns where its communities are located. We select our locations based on accessibility to culture, recreation, shopping and dining, medical care and major thoroughfares for ease of travel, especially when it comes to visits with friends and family. Our communities reside on expansive, campus-like grounds with beautiful landscaping and plentiful outdoor spaces. Inside, our spaces are designed to foster social connection among neighbors and visiting family.